SolarStone came about in early 2015 while a group of friends was facing tough technical challenges when simultaneously working on different housing projects. The challenge combined 2 different tasks - building lasting roofing systems and becoming independent from the grid with strong desire to harness alternative sources of energy.  

Concrete and clay tile roofing systems are known for the best durability equally in harsh Nordic winter conditions and scorching Mediterranean region. One problem solved.

Existing wind and solar solutions available on the market were either too expensive or unfit for various reasons, mainly poor aesthetic appeal. Research and development in photovoltaic (PV) systems have recently sparked massive revolution by constantly pushing for higher efficiency and delivering more affordable products.  PV panels can be viable option in temperate latitudes when designed and erected correctly. Second problem solved.

Wait! Whats the value proposition?  Well. SolarStone seeks to combine the best of the two worlds - what if we can produce building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) at reasonable cost and guarantee streamlined look? What if we can interlock solar modules perfectly with the desired type of roof tile without looking like an alien mothership has landed on my roof?

SolarStone produces custom framing to match any concrete or clay profile on the market to be installed on the standard batten.
SolarStone will provide maximum protection from the weather and generate power at relatively low costsSolarStone panels do not need any additional fittings. Just install modular SolarStone panels directly on the batten, connect the wirings and voila!  

Neat looking solar roof that will reduce your monthly energy bills?
SolarStone was born to stay.